One of the most gratifying experiences to date has been watching the Mariamor family wearing our special designs and spreading love, both in real life and on TV! Yes, you read that right! Mariamor can be found on some of your favorite TV shows, including NCIS and Flip or Flop.

We have especially enjoyed watching actress Maria Bello wear our gold FAITH quarter with a CZ cross necklace on the hit show, NCIS. Maria joined the show this season playing Special Agent Jack Sloane, a forensic psychologist with a rough past. She’s worn the necklace every episode as a reminder to always have faith and often incorporates it into her character, holding onto it for strength. It’s such a joy to be able to tune in every week to see her wearing our favorite statement piece.

  Maria Bello gold faith necklace with cz cross, worn on NCIS.Maria Bello gold faith necklace with cz cross, worn on NCIS.Maria Bello gold faith necklace with cz cross, worn on NCIS.

Even better, Maria rocks her Mariamor design outside of the show! Her name alone fits with the brand perfectly, but we adore seeing her wearing her favorite necklace on red carpets, the Harry Connick Jr. talk show, and out and about. 

Maria Bello gold faith necklace with cz cross, worn on NCIS.Maria Bello gold faith necklace with cz cross, worn on NCIS. 

On top of that, we also get to watch the beautiful Christina El Moussa rock our “1000 Kisses” statement necklace on her show, Flip or Flop. Each coin is handmade with love, so it’s especially exciting to see our pieces reaching a larger audience, allowing us to spread even more love and hopefully helping us brighten someone’s day! 

It's an absolute joy to watch Maria Bello and Christina El Moussa wear our unique statement pieces and spread love to all their fans, both in their everyday life and on TV.

If you love the designs you’re seeing on TV, be sure to check out our shop! You, too, could rock one of these beautiful statement pieces just like your favorite stars!

P.S. Be sure to tune in to see Maria Bello wearing our favorite gold FAITH necklace on NCIS, Tuesdays 8/7c on CBS! And check out Christina El Moussa in Flip or Flop on HGTV.


Trish said:

Thank you Maria Bello for leading me to the place where I was able to purchase the silver “Faith” necklace you wore on the NCIS TV show! I loved it on you and now I’m enjoying my very own!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Yes, I saw the episode where you put it in a box and buried it – it broke my heart!)

Colette Clarke said:

I love your story & your jewelry. Maria Bella’s necklace caught my eye when watching NCIS and I had to try to find it. I have a question; what length is her necklace? With your longer chains can it be worn shorter (for example: chain extender)? Also, on some of the NCIS episodes it seemed the necklace was more oval than round or am I mistaken. I like the oval. Thank you & God Bless!

Debbie LeGantano said:

I love NCIS and watch every week. I noticed the necklace on Mario Bella one episode. It glowed with Godwink intention. I am a 7 month survivor of cervical cancer. I was looking for a statement piece to always wear to show love and grace to never forget my blessings of making it through treatment and my grace-filled God’s gift of renewed life.Thank you for such a wonderful gift! May you bless so many more.

Brenda said:

Where can I get one

Jody Rivers said:

What is the length of her chain?

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