The idea behind Mariamor Designs began in 2013. My uncle fell ill, and being from a large Catholic family, we began to pray for God’s help in curing the illness and granting us peace of mind and heart. Unfortunately, our prayers went unanswered, and my uncle passed away later that year. During a family event following the funeral, my aunt approached my uncle’s only daughter and presented her with a large decorative jar full of dirty coins. As my cousin looked quizzically at her, my aunt explained: From the moment my uncle was diagnosed, she began to collect coins that she found on the ground. She had been privy to a belief that every coin found on the ground is worth more than the monetary value, but is in fact a message and prayer from a guardian angel. On every coin, there is an inscription of “In God We Trust” and when the coin is found and read, it serves as a reminder to have faith; that you always have someone watching over you and carrying your precious prayers from your heart to God’s ears.

My aunt told my cousin that every prayer that she had found over the last year was a prayer for my cousin’s ill father and our family, and had been carefully placed in the jar. Following the story, my cousin excitedly accepted the gift and continues to look at those coins every day as a reminder of the love, protection, and comfort that her guardian angel and her father provide every day.


From that moment on, I began collecting the coins that I found on the ground and keeping them in a small bowl in my apartment. As a loving friend and family member, I wanted to find ways to spread this love and those prayers, just as my aunt had done for my cousin. It did not take me long to realize that I could use my naturally creative mind to decorate them and give them as gifts to those for whom I cared most. From there, the idea exploded. Now each coin that I find on the ground, is decorated and embellished in a unique way, and given as a gift. Whether it is my gift to you, or your gift to a loved one, they are all given in love. Just as every person and prayer is unique, so is each coin; there will never be two exactly alike.

In high school, my religion professor used to say, “God is Love” and “Love is God.” Everyone has different beliefs and practices diverse religions, but those two lines seem to simplify it all. To spread love to others is to share God in your life, and that is exactly what I am doing. I hope that every person that purchases a Mariamor design is reminded that they are loved and special in their own way. As it states in 1 Peter 4:10, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” My passion and creativity are my way of making my light shine for others. Through these prayer coins, I hope to make the world a better, more loving place.

Spread love, spread happiness, spread beauty, spread joy, in whatever way is unique to you. Each of these pieces does exactly that. 

Handmade in California


Mariamor products are handmade with love in southern California. The collections are made of real american currency that have been collected from the ground. Each piece has been hand rolled and adorned to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Each coin is strung with sterling silver, gold-filled, or semi-precious stone chains and charms to spice it up just for you! 

We hope you love your designs as much as we loved making them. 

Every day, SPREAD LOVE!


Each design has been handmade just for you! We promise that each design has been triple checked for handmade, artistic perfection. They are made to endure a REAL life, rough-and-tough girl lifestyle. They may need to be cleaned and polished, but they are strong enough to keep up with the modern woman: busy, capable, and beautiful (just like you!).