Mariamor Grit & Grace Dime

Product image 1Mariamor Grit & Grace Dime
Product image 2Mariamor Grit & Grace Dime
Product image 3Mariamor Grit & Grace Dime
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Product image 5Mariamor Grit & Grace Dime
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  • WITH GRIT & GRACE.  This Grit & Grace design was created with all women in mind. Women toe a line between grit and grace daily. To onlookers, they are beautiful, graceful, and illuminate the world with their beauty and charm. However, they arrive at that place only through grit and hard work.
    Women are formed under pressure and are much like the pearls added to this design. A pearl starts as a small grain of sand (or other irritant) inside of an oyster, and over years of coating and wear and tear, they emerge radiant. They are the only gemstone created by a living being and therefor by life itself, and in that way, become more like each one of us. 
    Let this design be a reminder that you are the pearl. You were formed by your challenges and are only made more beautiful and illuminous through these experiences. You were formed by grit but covered in grace and your beauty shines brightly for others. 
  • BUILD YOUR OWN. Create your own style by picking this dime to add to a current Mariamor piece, or to any of your at-home favorites. If chosen without an 18 inch chain, each coin comes drilled with one hole, so that you are able to mix and match on your own bracelet or necklace.
  • ONE OF A KIND. Each authentic US coin pendant necklace or bangle is handmade to order in Southern California. Modified finishes, chain length, and coin addition available. Each pendant is made out of real American currency, so no two pieces are the same.
  • EVERYDAY, SPREAD LOVE. Mariamor was founded with the intention to spread love, happiness, beauty, and joy with every unique piece of inspirational jewelry we create.
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