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Mariamor Love More Quarter Extra Light Statement Necklace, Gold

Product image 1Mariamor Love More Quarter Extra Light Statement Necklace, Gold
Product image 2Mariamor Love More Quarter Extra Light Statement Necklace, Gold

Regular price $87.00

  • JUST LOVE. "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there is just too little of." Let this coin be a wearable reminder to be kind; to give more, care more, and LOVE MORE!
  • GOLDEN GIRLS. This necklace is made with a 14k gold-filled chain. Nothing in our collection will ever be "plated" and therefor, will not tarnish on your skin or clothing. So, go ahead, and be a golden girl! Add this chain confidently to your every-day collection.
  • SHOW STOPPER. This necklace is similar to the style worn weekly on CBS's Tuesday night favorite, NCIS. This design complements any outfit and is the perfect gift for a loved one, or as an addition to your own jewelry collection. 
  • MADE TO ORDER. Since each pendant is handmade out of real American currency, no two pieces are the same (unique... just like us!). Modified finishes, chain length, and coin additions are available by request.
  • EVERY DAY, SPREAD LOVE. Mariamor was founded with the intention to spread love, happiness, beauty, and joy with every unique piece of inspirational jewelry we create.
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