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Mariamor is more than a jewelry company... it is the creation and promotion of LOVE. As our medium, we use hand-crafted inspirational coin jewelry to help make the world a better place. We hope that as you find the message that speaks to you, or to others on your holiday list, it can be a daily encouragement to live that message out loud and

Every day, Spread Love.

Personalized Gifts

Create the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Choose the coin, pick a base, and start spreading love your way! *HOLIDAY HINT* We custom design coins too! To create a personalized coin, email today!

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Gift more than just jewelry this year; GIFT LOVE. Each Mariamor piece is handcrafted with the intention of spreading joy and making the world a better place. Pick the perfect design for everyone on your list... 'Tis the season to 

Give Love. Gift Love. Spread Love.

Gift Love
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Mariamor Love Club: the gift that keeps on giving! 

Sign yourself or a loved one up for our monthly packages of love and inspiration. This box will keep spreading love, long after the holidays!

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Mary's Holiday Favorites

As Seen On NCIS

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We Love Mariamor

I received my 2 pieces this afternoon. Stunning and unique. The word beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe them.... It’s like an angel read my mind and delivered it right to my doorstep.


Your jewelry makes me so happy! I joined the Love Club before I even made a purchase, thinking that it would make good gifts. Today, I have custom pieces, and own at least 8 that I wear daily, and have only given one to a dear friend. 


Your jewelry is inspirational and a joy to give to others. I love your designs, but most of all, the story behind it and your passion for spreading joy! Thank you and I’m looking forward to my first [Love Club] shipment!


Mary is full of enthusiasm and excitement! You want to buy from this new entrepreneur and her quality line. I love how you can custom design your pieces! 


Purchased two gorgeous pearl necklaces and a coin. Beautiful messages. I wanted to purchase all of the items. God willing, I will definitely be back.


Love the uniqueness of the jewelry! Beautifully designed.. Can’t wait to buy more pieces! 


I was so impressed by this young entrepreneur. Could have bought one of everything. 


I received the coin pendant and I love it like I thought I would!!!! I just love your designs and coins. Thank you so very much for sending me this blessing, that’s how I see it. 


I have one of your HOPE rings and a penny with GRATITUDE that I wear daily :) I joined your Love Club today to enjoy and share. 


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It's More Than A Necklace

It's More Than A Necklace

As it states in our Mariamor mission statement, “we are more than a jewelry company.” This truth could not have been more evident than through our recent journey with Maria Bello and NCIS; Mariamor is about the mission, the message, and spreading love.

Read the whole story about how Mariamor came to be featured on this amazing TV show and why our FAITH Statement Necklace became an integral part of one of the NCIS characters. 

Mariamor on TV!

Mariamor on TV!

Mariamor can be found on some of your favorite TV shows! Watch Maria Bello rock our gold FAITH necklace on hit show, NCIS and Christina El Moussa show off our 1000 Kisses statement necklace on Flip or Flop.

Promote Love this Valentines Day

Promote Love this Valentines Day

With each new day there is a new opportunity to make an unforgettable mark on the world around you. What will your mark be? Our Mariamor motto is E...