Coin jewelry has been trending for a few seasons now, but so far in 2019 the trend is bigger than ever!

Whether it’s individual coins or piled on pieces, we’re seeing coins on necklaces, bangles, keychains, and more.

When it comes to our every-day jewelry, the pieces we wear most often seem to have little to do with what’s of-the-moment and more with the sentimental meaning of the piece (examples: wedding rings, gifts from our kids, or family heirlooms). Custom made coin jewelry is not only in-style, but it also fits into this sentimental category. The messages on each piece can be symbolic of a treasured moment in your life: a birth, the passing of a loved one, a wedding, or they can bring you daily strength and inspiration.

Here are our top 5 coin jewelry trends for this spring: 

1. Layering Coins: The coin necklace trend has inspired the return of layered necklaces as the new way to make a statement with your jewelry. From layers of gold chains to mixed metals, this is an art form. *A Mariamor style tip* Mix and match chain lengths and different coin sizes to create your own unique look.

2. Single Coin Necklace: Whether it’s a single coin pendant or a Mariamor statement necklace, this is a simple and elegant look for every day. Select something meaningful and let it fill your day with love.

3. Bangles: From minimalist styles to ornate statement pieces, bangles are a fashion staple. These pieces are designed for layering, so you can customize your look: Add, Layer, Repeat.

4. Convertible Jewelry: Personalize and change your style whenever you want with convertible jewelry. With Mariamor’s interchangeable coins and charms, you can update your necklaces and bangles anytime!

5. Personalization: If you’re looking to personalize your jewelry even more, add a charm that empowers or speaks to you. Whether it’s on a necklace or bangle, charms are very popular - especially in 2019 with the fashion focus on personalization and customization.

We look forward to seeing the styles that you create! Have fun! 

Every day, Spread Love.


February 19, 2019 — Rachel Svoboda

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