We all need a little inspiration. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, we crave that pick-me-up or thing that makes us smile. For us, that inspiration comes in the form of our Love Club. It is our monthly subscription box with the intent to spread love each month and to be a light in days of darkness. Last month, our coin read "Inhale Joy Exhale Love" but the inspiration is more than just the coin; it is the story that comes with the coin that makes the real mark on your heart. We felt that as we enter into spring, it was fitting to share this particular Love Club letter with each one of you. We hope you love it and that it adds a bit of inspiration to your day, just as it did in ours.


You are a bee.

You fly through life going from flower to flower picking up things from one bud and moving them to the next. But what are you choosing to move?

Do you pick up the negative in each flower and migrate to another, pollenating with a negative idea or feeling, or do you find the good in each bloom and pass that on instead?

Just as bees have the ability to pollinate a garden, so do we have the ability to pollinate the world. When we look at our day-to-day life, what do we choose to pick up? Do we see the darkness in the day or do we try to find the light in each situation. This month, our “Inhale Joy Exhale Love” Love Club coin is meant to remind us to find only one thing when we visit each bloom: Good.

So as you go through each day, try to find the good in each person, each place, and each thing. The world has incomprehensible beauty, if only we are willing to look for it, so inhale that good, and let it fill your soul.

Lastly, exhale, but exhale only love. Inhale the joy of each moment and exhale love. Inhale courage. Exhale love. Inhale passion, inhale peace, and inhale hope, then exhale love. No matter what you see this month, be a bee; Find the good in each bud and pollinate the world with love, one flower at a time.

Every day, SPREAD LOVE.



If you have a message that you would like to share with the rest of the Love Club, please feel free to email us with ideas and recommendations for future shipments. We would love to share your message of love. Email: mariamordesigns@gmail.com

March 27, 2019 — Mary Grace Schmidt

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