Everybody wants to be loved. 


As many of you know, each month our Love Club coins are inspired by something that happens during the extraordinary ordinary of each day. It could be a grandmother singing to her granddaughter, graffiti on a wall, tumultuous rain, or a speech that I hear. Sometimes, if significant enough, I share these adventures with you. Last month, I encountered one of those special moments.


Everyone has a desire to feel loved. We crave wanted-ness, adoration, acceptance, and friendship. In the past, my first thought for an April or May Love Club message has been a tribute to all of the moms out there. They grind and work tirelessly to care for their families, often at the sacrifice of themselves. We know they deserve our love, and what better time to remind them than Mother’s Day. This however was not the inspiration that led to this coin.

The next potential inspiration was Easter. Holidays are a time for family, food, and festivities. Combining that with the religious background supporting this holiday in particular, I believe that the word “loved” seemed to be the most fitting.  


But this too, was not the inspiration that led to this coin. 


The inspiration for this coin came from our Mariamor tooling specialist, Chris. He is a rough-and-tough kind of fella, always covered in oil and grease, who hides a secretly soft heart made of gold and marshmallows. Over the last several months, I have given him samples of my good and bad coins; together we try to find ways I can improve the depth and spacing of each coin design using different methods and tools. At the end of our last meeting, he joked that he was spreading a little extra love this Spring. I immediately asked what he meant. He then proceeded to tell me a beautiful story of love. 


It seems that recently there have been more homeless individuals on the side of the road asking for money, food, or belongings; looking for the peace of mind and spirit that comes from being loved and cared for. Personally, I often give them a few dollars or snack items that I might have laying around in the car.


Chris, however, said that he had started to gift love instead of gifting items. He said that over the last month, each time he stops at a traffic light and sees someone asking for food or money, he gifts them our scrap coins instead. He continued to tell me that his favorite coin to give out was our FAITH coin, hoping it might remind these individuals to stay strong, have faith, and of course, as the back of each coin encourages, spread love. In Chris’ words, “They love them!”


I absolutely adored this idea and have decided that this is yet another small but wonderful way to spread love each day. 


Now, I know that you might not have quite as many extra coins as we do, but the theme behind this month's coin is that we all crave love. We want to be accepted for who we are and appreciated for the hard work that we do. So no matter whom you pass your coin or this message onto this month, make it count. Find someone special and let them know they are loved. 


Every day, Spread Love.

May 17, 2019 — Mary Grace Schmidt


Amy P said:

I love that Chris does this! Sometimes a positive word is more inspiring to people than a rudely tossed dollar bill! Well done, Chris and MaryG 😘

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