Kindness is free. Scatter that stuff everywhere!        

As many locals know, June in Southern California is often escorted by an infamous “June Gloom.” Nearly all cities within a 20-mile perimeter of the beach are covered by a heavy haze, causing us to miss out on our fill of summer sun.

For this reason, we decided that we need to fill the world with a little extra color. Inside of our Love Club Boxes, members found a small bag of flower seeds to accompany this month’s love club coin. We told them that the seeds are to scatter as they choose. Maybe they will plant them in their own garden, plant them and gift them to a friend, or add them to a small pot inside their house to enjoy each day. Wherever they choose to put them, the seeds will soon be adding a pop of color and a little extra happiness to our world.

But this message is not just for our Love Club members.

Just as they scatter these seeds to create color, we can all scatter kindness to create love; These seeds can grow into something beautiful, and so can our actions. One small act of kindness each day can add that pop of color and love to the life of someone around you. Smile at a neighbor. Help someone with their groceries. Compliment a stranger’s outfit. Pick up a friend’s kids from practice. Whatever act you choose, know that you are planting a seed of kindness in their heart.
Let's watch as the world’s garden grows.
above- Love Club "Scatter Kindness" pennies.
below- "Scatter Kindness" terracotta pots and seed packets
Happy Scattering.
Every day, Spread Love


Michelle Kouri said:

I am interested in purchasing the necklaces Jackie Sloan is wearing on NCIS season 17 episode 3. Are they your designer?

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